1. Fresh Code and Design: All code, design, art, music, assets, etc for the game must be created during the duration of the game jam. The only exception would include materials that are freely available to the public. Some examples include: public domain images, open source libraries, etc. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.
  2. Code Review: If your team qualifies for prizes, your code maybe subjected to a code review.
  3. Code Ownership and IP: All  teams retain full ownership of the code they write at the game jam. A couple of caveats:
    a) By participating in the game jam, participants  grant to NYC Generation Tech, event organizers, and their designees, limited license to such intellectual property rights for certain non-commercial and charitable purposes.
    b) The game jam will be held in a public space with people moving about and conversing freely. As a result, activities and information may be disclosed to third parties, including other game jam participants. Participants acknowledge and agree that they will have no legal recourse if a third party uses any ideas or information as a result of such disclosure for any purposes whatsoever, whether related to the game jam or not.
  4. Team Size: All  teams must contain 4-6 New York City high school students. Each team must have at least one student from each track: Level Design, Programming, and Art.